Weekly Notices

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The Second Sunday of Lent – Sunday 25th February 2018

Heckfield Church

Jer 17.5-10; Matt 15.21-28


Holy Communion

The Rev’d Peter Hewlett-Smith

St John’s Church, Hook

Gen 17.1-7, 15-16; Rom 4.13-end; Mark 8.31-end


Sung Eucharist & Junior Church

The Rev’d Marion de Quidt

Betty Hayes

Heckfield Church

Gen 17.1-7, 15-16; Rom 4.13-end; Mark 8.31-end


Jennifer Martin

The Rev’d Mark Lewis

Narthex, St John’s Church, Hook

John 6.35-58


Live Lent Course Week 2 ‘Bread’

Simon de Quidt

Heckfield Church

Gen 12.1-9; Heb 11.1-3, 8-16


Jennifer Martin

Timothy Maynes



The Collect for Today

Almighty God, by the prayer and discipline of Lent may we enter into the mystery of Christ’s sufferings, and by following in his Way may we come to share in his glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Services during Week Beginning 26th February 2018


Mon – Fri

8:30am and 5:30pm

St John’s Church, Hook

Morning Prayer & Evening Prayer



St John’s Church, Hook

Holy Communion



Geffrey’s House

Lent Service



Sacred Heart Church, Hook

Women’s World Day of Prayer – all welcome



St John’s Church, Hook

Morning Prayer



Heckfield Church

Wedding of Tom Kendrick & Helen Rimmer


Events this week

Monday – Friday – 10am – 12pm Coffee Shop open to all, Narthex, St John’s, Hook.

Tuesday – 1.45pm – 3.15pm Bible Study Group, Narthex, Hook.

Tuesday – 8pm Evening Fellowship, 29 Goose Green, Hook.

Wednesday – 7.30pm Living Flame Fellowship Group, meeting every Wednesday in Lent at Caroline Bushman’s House, 29 Goose Green, Hook.  Please call leader Nikki Wild on (07766) 004964  if you would like to come along.  All welcome.

Thursday – 1.30pm – 3.30pm Fingerprints, Narthex, St John’s, Hook. All carers and young children welcome.

Thursday – 7.30pm – 9.15pm Alpha Course, Solar Room, St John’s, Hook.

Friday –  7.15pm Junior Choir; 7.45pm Senior Choir, St John’s, Hook.

Saturday – 10.30am – 12pm Coffee Shop open to all, Narthex, St John’s, Hook.


The Third Sunday of Lent – Sunday 4th March 2018

St John’s Church, Hook

Num 22.21-31; Luke 11.14-28


Holy Communion

The Rev’d Marion de Quidt

Tim Maynes

St John’s Church, Hook

John 2.13-22


All Age Worship

Jonathan Bushman

The Rev’d Mark Lewis

Heckfield Church

Exod 20.1-17; 1 Cor 1.18-25;  John 2.13-22


Parish Communion

The Rev’d Marion de Quidt


Narthex, St John’s Church, Hook

John 8.12-20


Live Lent Course Week 3 ‘Light’

Betty Hayes, Simon de Quidt and

the Rev’d Marion de Quidt

St John’s Church, Hook



Youth Emmaus

The Rev’d Marion de Quidt

Sue Steele, Angelo Arulchelvam

St John’s Church, Hook



Mid Lent Reflective Service

The Rev’d Marion de Quidt

Stephen Davies/Caroline Bushman

Alan Mabey



Notices and News – Events Coming Soon


TESCO COMMUNITY SUPPORT – This is the final week!  Please keep supporting    St John’s, Hook by asking for your tokens.


A BIG Thank you to everyone who donated to the Winter Light Night Shelter!  If you do have any men's jeans or joggers, waist size 32-34 inches, or new men's underwear, same size, or socks, please speak to Kim as these are still needed. Thank you!


VOLUNTEERS URGENTLY REQUIRED to help in St John’s coffee shop.  Please speak to Shirley Clancy.  Without the valuable help of volunteers, the Coffee Shop will be unable to open every day.


OLD £10 NOTES – after the end of February, only the new style notes are usable.  However, if you find some old style notes after then, do pop them in the collection plate and we’ll happily deal with the problem for you!



Lent gives us the time to think about change within ourselves and in our community.  You might like to think about these opportunities:


40p for 40 days – To help a local family in crisis this Easter, can you give up 40p a day for the 40 days of Lent?  Put the money aside and at Easter, donate it to the Hart Foodbank (www.hart.foodbank.org.uk/2018/02/13/40-pence-for-40-days/)

If you have challenged yourself to give up something during Lent, why not donate the cost of what you save towards the Hart Foodbank?


Lent Plastics Challenge – As Christians we are called to care for God’s creation, and this Lent the Church of England is encouraging us to give up single-use plastics to cut the environmental damage it causes.  Go to www.churchcare.co.uk/about-us/campaigns/news/1081-lent-challenge for a calendar of tips to help cut plastic use for each day up to Easter.


SAVE THE DATE - LENT LECTURES – Tuesday 6th March 2018

The Bishop of Winchester’s Lent Lectures for 2018 will be held on Tuesday 6 March 2018 at Christ Church, Winchester.  The speaker will be Nick Spencer, Director of Research for Theos.  Nick will be delivering two lectures (one daytime, one evening) on ‘An Anglican Understanding of the Common Good’ and ‘How to contribute to the Common Good.’  Theos is a think-tank which stimulates the debate about the place of religion in society, challenging and changing ideas through research, commentary and events.


PASSOVER SUPPER – Tuesday 27th March 2018 at 7.30pm in the Narthex, St John’s Church led by Tim Maynes.  If you wish to attend please sign your name on one of the sheets which can be found in each Benefice Church.  Please contact Jennifer Martin on 07803 505265 if you are able to provide food such as casseroles and desserts.     


HOOK FUN RUN – FUN RUNNERS NEEDED!  Hook Fun Run takes place on Sunday 20th May and we are looking for people to run and raise sponsorship money for St John’s Church.  Please speak to Marion, Richard or Kim.




We shall soon be updating the Electoral Rolls for HMR and St John’s Hook for 2018. Having your name entered on a parish electoral roll means that you can attend the annual meeting (APCM) for that parish and take part in the proceedings.


If you wish to join either of the Electoral Rolls or if your details – address, email address or telephone number – have changed, please fill in a form and return to the appropriate Electoral Roll officer.


If you would like to check whether you are already on the Electoral Roll, please contact either your Electoral Roll officer or the Benefice Office to consult the roll.


Forms for St John’s can be obtained from Richard Paganuzzi (richard@paganuzzi.com) or can be found in the folder on the church noticeboard in the Narthex, St John’s. Completed forms should be returned by Friday 23rd March.


Forms for HMR can be obtained from Ron O Keeffe (ronokeeffe@gmail.com) or can be found in the porch of each church.


FOOD BANK DONATIONS may be placed in the marked box in the Narthex in St John’s Hook at any time during the week or taken directly to the Life Church Centre, Elms Road, Hook.  Items Required: tinned vegetables, pasta sauces, UHT milk, long-life fruit juice, custard, tinned fruit, instant coffee.







Prayers for Today and the Coming Weeks


For celebration: children who have been baptised in the Benefice: Beatrix Betty Firmin on 4th February; and Joshua Norcutt on 18th February.  For all the couples who will be married in the Benefice this year.


For prayer: those exploring a deeper Christian faith, at Alpha or through one to one meetings towards adult baptism.


Those in need of prayer: John Clements, Charlie, Michael and Lisa, Linda Mellors, Mary Watson, Nicky Reynolds, Anita Sills, Rosie Mandry, Andrea Heath, Matthew Thomas, Luke and Whitney Mappley, Quentin Sharp.


Those who have recently died: Owen Carter, Joy Fidler (nee Starnes).


Year’s Mind: 28th Feb – Ernest Leer, Joanne Musgrove; 1st March – Robert Barnes.


Please also pray:

For our love for one another and our neighbour in 2018

For our vision to share Jesus’ Good News throughout the Whitewater Benefice in 2018


Contact Us


Priest in Charge

Marion de Quidt may be contacted on (01256) 763211

or by email mariondequidt@whitewaterchurches.co.uk

Benefice Office

Melanie Lovegrove on (01256) 760169.  At St John’s.  office@whitewaterchurches.co.uk  Weekdays 9am to 12pm

Pastoral Visiting Hook


Please contact: Reverend Marion de Quidt (01256) 763211

or Jennie Martin on (07803) 505265

Pastoral Visiting HMR

Please contact: Church Office on (01256) 760169

Hook PCC Secretary

Dr Jane Worlock (01256) 764303

Hook Stewardship

Nikki Wild (01256) 762865

Hook Gift Aid

Caroline Bushman (01256) 959699

HMR PCC Secretary

The Rev’d Marion de Quidt (01256) 763211

HMR Stewardship

Tony Hall (01256) 882895

HMR Gift Aid

Anne Hallowes (01252) 845144  anne.hallowes@btinternet.com



Notice Sheet by Email

If you’d like to join our subscribers list that receive this news sheet each Friday, and help us save paper, please visit. www.whitewaterchurches.co.uk and use the link on the home page