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Church of England Guidance for COVID-19

Marion de Quidt, Rector phone number: 01256 763211 (with answerphone)
Local Pastoral Care telephone: 07793 078 062

The mobile contact number is monitored 24/7 for you to let us know your prayer requests and for any other support we are able to offer at this time.

Our normal pattern of worship is suspended until further notice as we minimise the opportunity for spread of coronavirus through our community.  Small groups are continuing to meet around the Benefice using modern technology for 'virtual fellowship', see our weekly notices for details. Do please let us know if you would like to join in.


Opening our Churches

We are planning to be able to open our churches as follows, but please check the online calendar or the weekly notices to confirm:

Benefice Holy Communion at one of the churches @ 8:30 am

This service will rotate around the churches, see weekly notices for details.  This plan will be: Hook on 1st Sunday, Rotherwick on 2nd Sunday, and for this term, at Heckfield on 3rd Sunday and Mattingley on 4th Sunday (subject to confirmation)

Benefice Holy Communion at St John’s Hook Sundays @ 6pm

Phone Richard Morley on 01256 762948 or email to let us know if you are coming to Communion at 6pm. If we were unable to seat everyone at 6pm, there will be a second service at 6.30pm with new chairs.

Plastic chairs are placed at safe intervals. There is a standing area and a space for wheelchairs. If you would like to come, but are anxious, please feel free to phone Marion (01256 763211) or Richard Morley (01256 762948) to discuss.

Churches Open for Private Prayer

Mattingley – for Private Prayer, Tuesdays @ 10-4pm

Rotherwick – for Private Prayer, Saturdays @ 10-4pm

St John’s Hook – for Private Prayer, Sundays @ 5-6pm and Wednesday @ 5-6pm

Please come to pray, and enjoy the peace and comfort of being in God’s house again. Please keep praying as we prepare wisely and carefully. Thank you for all the loving kindness shown during the season of coronavirus.  The guidance is continually being updated, so please look out for any instructions when you arrive.

We are delighted to begin more services in our churches. It is really helpful to know who is coming, but if you forget to let us know, please do not let that stop you joining us. When you arrive, we shall need to take note of who is attending, and we will arrange seating to ensure safe social distancing. Face masks are needed, hand sanitiser and a one-way system will be used to enable a safe gathering. For St John’s Hook, phone Richard Morley, 01256 762948 or email Unless otherwise stated our church buildings are CLOSED.   However, the church is the people - and the people are still working!


Limited public meetings for worship - we are having the Churches open for private prayer, and on Sundays @8:30am and @6pm are having a Holy Communion– we will do our best to provide alternative ways of being a community of worshippers for example having at 10am Sunday Zoom or an outdoor service.

Please be aware, that in order to be covid-safe, we may need to move when churches are open for private prayer to fit round using the churches for weddings or funerals.  Check with the online calendar or notices to confirm when church is open.

2 Pastoral Visits:
  • when someone is self-isolating we will offer phone support.
  • If pastoral visiting is necessary – we will take rigorous action to maintain health and hygiene; we will maintain social distancing
3 Please use the contact number above to let us know your needs. OR please phone Marion on 01256 763211.
4 We encourage everyone to maintain good hygiene:
  • Hand washing regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • Catch-it = Bin it = Kill it = do not touch your face
    • Good regular cleaning of all surfaces


Useful resources

Each Sunday we are aiming to worship in a variety of ways, you may join our service using zoom from your computer, tablet or phone. We will also be providing an online services page for each Sunday which will include any zoom details. We also have a link which will enable you to test connecting to and using zoom.  We are also holding a Said Communion service at St John's in Hook at 6pm on Sunday evenings.

We have a number of Whatsapp prayer groups which you may like to join, contact us for details.

Daily Hope offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship services from the Church of England at the end of a telephone line. The line – which is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 – has been set up particularly with those unable to join online church services during the period of restrictions in mind. When you dial in, Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury welcomes you. When you press 'star' there are a range of options.

The Church of England also has two useful booklets which are available here with some prayers you may wish to use at this time. I also have an excellent booklet from the Church of England that I would be delighted to post to you, called 'Everyday Faith'. Please do call me and ask for one (01256 763211). 

You can sign up for our weekly notices to be emailed to you. If your neighbour is not using this service, you might like to encourage them or to print the notices sheet out for them?  Small groups are meeting around the Benefice using 'virtual fellowship'. We have a list on the weekly notices sheet above. Please do feel free to try something new if you wish, and join in with one of the groups. The notices sheet has all contact details.

Bishop Tim and Sally are broadcasting services from Wolvesey in Winchester, The services, along with other resources to help people remain connected despite social distancing measures, will be available on the Diocese of Winchester’s website:

We are following Church of England recommendations - please check here for latest guidance and 

Marion de Quidt, Rector of Whitewater Benefice, from Church of England guidance

12th Sept 2020