Junction 5 Money Advice

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Junction 5

Junction 5 is a debt counselling service, which was set up within Life Church around 15 years ago and, during that time we have helped clients with debts totalling over £1.6m.  We are licensed by the FCA. We operate slightly different to most debt counselling organisations in that we see the whole job through, from first introduction of the client, to final solution; most other organisations do not do this.

We have 4 volunteer advisers, plus 2 new recruits, who are looking after 34 active clients whose debts total well over half a million pounds.  Our clients are from all walks of life, from couples with a house and mortgage to those who have succumbed, in desperation, to PayDay loans, where the interest rate is likely to be in excess of 1000%. We are working, at the moment, largely by phone and email and, because of legal requirements for authorisation, also by post.  Under government guidelines, we are allowed to have face to face client meetings, but we have not yet done so, and are keeping to Zoom for now. We have to be aware of changes in legislation during COVID19; several rules have changed, and it is important that we keep up with all changes.

Since the lockdown started, we have already had 5 client enquiries – we knew that there would be an increase in our client numbers as a result of the current circumstances relating to COVID19 and we are pretty much prepared for the onslaught. 

We have had a focus on this area of local care in June, and have been delighted to hear from Joyce, a volunteer from St John’s Hook, working in the team based at the Life Church in Hook. Joyce writes: ”It truly is amazing, not to mention challenging at times, to serve those who are struggling to manage financially. It is a very humbling experience, and an absolute delight when arriving at some sort of solution for the client, whether that is getting their debts written off, or negotiating some sort of payment plan. We aim to assist local folk, rather than enquiries that we sometimes get from outside the area, particularly since most of our donors/sponsors are local."

If you need to contact Junction 5 you can contact them on 01256 769953 or email: advisers@junction5.org