Moths to a Flame

Moths image from St John'sThe Moths to a Flame project, is organized by the Art and Energy Collective in Plymouth.  It originally came from a desire to respond with creativity to the climate emergency. The moth is used as an allegory for our human relationship with energy and consequently the health of our planet.

The aim is for people across the UK to make and decorate 20,000 moths and send them to Glasgow. During the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (CoP26), which is being hosted by the UK and held in Glasgow, the moths will be displayed as an art installation in the city’s Botanic Gardens.

“All of us who care about responding to the climate emergency know that COP26 marks an important moment in global politics. This artwork allows us all to make a mark, have our say, show our willingness for action and bring a bit of beauty to COP26”.


The moths on display in St John’s church have been made by members of the Craft Group, Junior Church, Know Your Bible Study Group, and the ministry team.

A big thank you to them for their art and industry.

As you look at the moths, please take a minute to think about our shared home, the Earth, and pray for all Creation.

Click here, if you would like a copy of the booklet which was at the back of St John's during the Moths to a Flame display.

Moths in the Window

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Caring for Creation

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The logo on this page is from and is copyright The Art and Energy Collective.  The Moth photographs are from St John's.