Plastic Free July

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Hints and tips for living with less plastic include:

  • Use reusable cotton cloth or cotton net bags when buying loose fruit and vegetables instead of plastic produce bags,
  • Carry a reusable water bottle or travel mug when you are out and about,
  • Get your milk in a bottle and delivered by a milkman,
  • Swap the plastic sponge and scrubbing brush for ones made of bamboo, loofa, sisal, or other natural materials (compost them when they are worn out),
  • Use bar soap instead of liquid soap – works well for washing hair as well as hands and body,
  • For parties, picnics, or BBQs, consider using a “party set” of second-hand glasses, plates, and cutlery instead of plastic disposable items.
  • remembering to use a reusable bag when shopping and not getting new plastic bags each time
  • not using plastic straws
  • buying fruit and veg not wrapped in plastic (use a paper bag)
  • use pots or beeswax wraps to store leftovers and not use plastic cling film

Why not get started by printing off the Plastic Free July Action Picker and pledging to make a difference?”

Plastic Free July