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This page contains a number of worksheets and activities which can be used for children.  We will be aiming to add weekly activities, so check back next week and see what is new!

Messy March Messy ideas for March - thoughts about Mothers 
Clothe yourself with Compassion this activity explores the themes from today's reading - clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience (Colossians 3.12)
Prayer cube a template to make a prayer cube - make a cube, and decorate with names and/or pictures of your family. Roll your cube and pray for the person who ends on the top
Lazarus  this explores the story of Lazarus (John 11.1-45)
Flower template the flower is for children to write on the petals about things that make them frightened or sad and then write Jesus on the centre to show that he is always there for us
Palm Sunday Activities this explores Jesus arrival in to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
Messy Preparing for Easter Messy ideas - Easter Gardens and Easter Bonnets
Messy Holy Week & Easter Activities for Holy Week & Easter from the Messy Church team
Easter Sunday  Activities for Easter Sunday - hopefully coloured eggs can be shared at the end of the service via zoom!
Jesus appearing to the disciples Activities for Sunday after Easter (Easter 2) - Jesus appearing to the disciples (John 20.19-31), Thomas and puzzles.
1. Road to Emmaus Activity Sheet
2. Template for Walking Road Activity
3. Road to Emmaus Wordsearch
Activities for Sunday 26th April - theme is the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24.13-35)
1. Breakfast on the Beach Activity Sheet
2. Fish Colouring
3. Fish Template
Activities for Sunday 3rd May - theme is the story of disciples fishing and having breakfast on the beach (John 21.1-14) - there were no fish, and Jesus told the disciples where to put their nets and they then caught lots of fish. Thinking about listening to guidance - magnetic fishing, and an excuse to colour lots of fish!
1. Feed my Sheep Activities
2. Peter's Journey
Activities for Sunday 10th May - Feed my sheep - John 21:15-25, and a fishing game which explores Peter's journey from fisherman to disciple.
Activity for John 14.15-21 Activities for Sunday 17th May - Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit to be with us - John 14.15-21
Activities for Pentecost Activities for Sunday 31st May - Pentecost
1. Activities for Trinity Sunday
2. Pyramid template
Activities for Sunday 7th June - Trinity
Activities for Matthew 9.35-10.8 Activities for Sunday 14th June - Jesus sending out his disciples
Activities for Matthew 10.24-39 Activities for Sunday 21st June - about being a disciple
Activities for Matthew 10.40-42 Activities for Sunday 28th June - Welcoming

1. Activities Sheet
2. Memory verse

Actvities for Matthew 11.16-19, 25-30
Activities for Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 Activities for Sunday 12th July - Jesus tells simple stories (parables) to help people understand an important message
Activities for Matthew 13:23-30, 36-43 Activities for Sunday 19th July - Jesus tells a story to help us live in an imperfect world
Activities for Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 Activities for Sunday 26th July - Jesus tells parables about the Kingdom of God

Although we can not see each other, we are happy to hear from you and display your artwork on the website, please email our webmaster, and we can put pictures on the website in our online gallery!

Some of the resources are © ROOTS for Churches Ltd, others are produced by the Whitewater Junior Church team