Thy Kingdom Come

Ascension is the day when we remember Jesus’ return to heaven after his resurrection, and Pentecost is when we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples - often known as the ‘birthday of the Church’. The nine days between these two key celebrations offer us an opportunity for prayer and reflection as we long for that gift of the Holy Spirit for ourselves and our communities. Join with us as we pray together Come Holy Spirit: Thy Kingdom Come - and may our waiting and praying open our hearts afresh to God’s possibilities.

Starting on Ascension day, Thursday 26th May until Saturday 4th June, at St John's in the Lady Chapel we will be holding a short service at 7pm, we will also have resources which you can use from home and join in with us on the journey.  We have shared on this page links to some of the resources at, please use their website if you would like further resources.


Novena Prayer Booklet Prayer Journal

There are a number of useful resources:

resources are shared from Thy Kingdom Come website