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Families across the world are discovering Messy Church and we invite you to join us and join in! Children of all ages are invited to bring their parent, grandparent or carer to Messy Church at St John's usually on the 3rd Friday each month. There will be stories, Messy craft, songs, Messy worship, fun and friendship followed off with Messy tea for everyone.  If you have any queries, please get in touch with Jennifer Martin on 07803 505265 or


Messy Church on Fridays starts after school from 3.15pm onwards and finishes at 5:15pm.

Next Month: Friday 14th February

The theme will be: Loving and serving. We will be exploring how we can show  love and service to others in our communities, how to care for one another and to explore what Jesus has to say. Activities will include making a bird feeder heart which the children can take outside for the birds to enjoy. We will be building Bible verses using Lego bricks, the children will learn about where in the bible the verses come from and what they mean.  We will also be making a display using a drawing of our Church, and decorating with finger prints and other forms of decoration, to show that our church is full of love - it is the people (of ages) that make up the church.  

Upcoming Messy Church are:

  • Friday 20th March - the theme will be Passover, and we will be having a Passover meal, and learning how Holy Communion (as we see in the 10am Sunday services) has evolved from the Passover meal.


This was what we did in a previous session...

The theme was how we listen to Jesus and how we can all become God's children.

The story at celebration time was about Jesus never being too busy to welcome children and give them time. Mark 10 13-16 we had a song about listening to Jesus. We listened to each other about anything we wanted to share that we wanted to celebrate.

We shared thoughts and ideas together, listened to each other made and created Rose windows and we talked about many Rose Windows being made of stained glass. These windows usually have a focus or centre, and we talked about Jesus being the centre of our lives. Children made music using glasses and water, creating notes and tunes discussing and talking about the challenges of listening and hearing.

We made a gratitude tree. Giving thanks to God for someone who has been special in our lives and who we are grateful for having known them. And to thank God for them.

Our other fun activity was a challenge to build a tower from marshmallows, jelly tots and cocktail sticks. We discussed the challenges of working together and listening to other people and sometimes we may not agree with them. We talked about why did Jesus bring children to the centre.

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