Mattingley Circular Walk

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Enjoy a gentle walk through the countryside allowing God to direct your thoughts as you take in the changing scenes. There are two suggested walks:

Route 1 approx. 2.5 miles easy walking; allow 1 - 2 hours
Route 2 approx. 3.5 miles easy walking with 3 stiles; allow 1.5 - 3 hours

The Mattingley circular walk directions are available here.

Things to ponder and notice along the way:
the many varieties of fruits and berries
the beauty of birdsong
the different feel underfoot as the ground changes along the route how the sunlight/dullness of the day makes you feel
as you walk beside or cross over the river and ponds consider the importance of water in our lives
what are the natural things that give your senses most pleasure and which are less enjoyable
looking at the man-made additions which ones most enhance and which detract from the environment