Myanmar Link

The Winchester Diocese has a mission partnership with the Province of Myanmar in Southeast Asia.


Myanmar is in SE Asia, between India and China. Myanmar gained independence 1948, which was followed by a number of years of civil war.

3x size of UK
population 54m (30% urban, 70% rural)
7 main ethnic groups
15 states/regions
137 languages
average age is 26
life expectancy is 65

  • 88% Buddhist,
  • 6% Christian,
  • 4% Islam

Stephen Than Myint Oo is the Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Myanmar and Bishop of Yangon.

Stephen has been to prison, suffered torture and released without conviction. The shadow of his prison record followed him for years, even while studying theology. But his faith and a slowly emerging commitment to democracy and civil society were ignited by an experience of angels, which reinforced a mission plan he had as Archbishop of Myanmar for a tiny Anglican minority within a Buddhist country to take their place in the nation.  

We were delighted to have Archbishop Stephen visiting us the Deanery 2020. 

We continue to support the ministry of Archbishop Stephen and Holy Cross Theological College, with the Principal Reverend Dr Paul Myint Htet Htin Ya, in prayer. We welcome financial donations which are given to the ministry through the Diocese of Winchester. Odiham Deanery is partnerned with Myanmar, and with the Deanery of Southampton in Winchester Diocese. During the current crisis in Myanmar, since February 2021, we have gathered to pray for 24hours with Odiham Deanery members, and continued to pray each month on the 3rd Thursday from 7.30pm-8.30pm on Whatsapp.