As a group of churches in Hampshire we are inspired to support Christian mission work both locally and internationally, as well as a variety of Charities. For example, we support the Church in Myanmar (also known as Burma), the True Living Centre locally in Heckfield and our local Foodbank. We are also working with Hart Voluntary Action, helping for example to support refugees from Ukraine.

To develop our partnerships we invite speakers to our services, and provide links & information on our website. Each year both Hook and HMR PCCs select a number of charities to support financially.

In 2022 the charities the Hook PCC is supporting:

Thrive (local charity) - Thrive uses gardening to improve physical and mental health and communication skills
Mercy Ships (international charity) - Mercy Ships provides free healthcare and surgery aboard a hospital ship for people in the poorest countries of West Africa

In 2021 Hook PCC supported:

The coffee shop at St John's also collects milk bottle plastic lids. These are sent for recycling, and the money raised is sent to St Michael's Hospice, Basingstoke.

The PCC of Heckfield, Mattingley and Rotherwick supports a range of charities through the year, every year, with financial donations. These include the Farming Community Network, the Royal British Legion, St Michael's Hospice in Basingstoke, Naomi House and Emmaus Hampshire.

The PCC of Hook supports donations to the Royal British Legion and the Children's Society (for example through annual Christingle services). St John's church is a supporter of the Night Light Winter Shelter in Basingstoke with volunteer time and money. 

Both PCCs will promote voluntary giving to emergency appeals as the situations arise worldwide. 

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